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Sometime in the mid-ninties...don't ask me the exact was sometime after Harmonies and before Lightning...Lynn Abbey came to live with us for a while, bringing with her all these cool hobbies involving sharp pointy objects and pretty colors, sparkly threads, and beads. I've never been sure whether to bless or curse her for this obsession. It's certainly lots of fun...but did I really needs all this extra stuff to store?



This is a piece I did for my mother for mother's day. It's from the Dimensions Gold Collection...I think the designer is Laine Gordon. If anyone can help me out on that, I'd really appreciate it.

It was fun because it was my first exposure to silk ribbon embroidery. I did lot of other silly little touches with extra beads and such, just because I like sparklies


Kiyrstin and Deymio: The ongoing project...

This piece is based on a design called "The Kiss" by Mirabilia designer, Nora Corbett. I initially began the project because I liked the beads and because it was one of the few designs that actually had a in it...never mind he had his face hidden behind his love's head.

Well, characters being what they are, K&D rapidly declared this was them and D said there was no way he was hiding behind K, and K said there was no way he was sneaking up on her with her eyes closed...So...out came the scissors and we started all over, and this is the far. I pretty much make it up as I go along.

The plan is to make that green blob above her arm into a bouquet of silk ribbon flowers. He (theoretically) is drawing a rose bud across her throat. Someday, I might even finish it!

I'll keep you posted.

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