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Khym and Pyanfar's Page


Py and Khym were silver Persians. Pretty cats, they were impossibly cute kittens.  I haven't found any Py baby pix, but here are a couple of typical baby-Khyms.

Singly, Py and Khym were cute.  Put them together and in full coat, they were stunningly beautiful ... and like any loving pair of sibs, constantly challenging one another.  Best of all, they were our own in-house Martin and Lewis.Khym sleeps beside his favorite scratching post. Py takes command of the Pyramid and checks to make certain Khym has noticed.

Py rises, making herself large.

Khym snores.

Py makes the dreaded scratching noises.

Khym's eyes (reluctantly)open.

Py looms, threatening repercussions should Khym dare attempt to retake the mountain.

Khym stretches and falls back against the scratching post.

Py prepares to pounce...

Khym...well, you can see how impressed he isn't.

In total disgust, Py
departs the territory.

Khym yawns, stretches,
and claims the Pyramid ...

while His Blackness watches
from a (safe) distance.

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