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Gate of Ivrel

Cartoons, cards, and other silly stuff

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In the summer of 1989, C.J.'s Cyteen was nominated for the prestigious Hugo award.  Even though "the kids" and I knew she was a shoo-in, she was understandably nervous.  So, the night of the awards, "the kids" presented her with this card. 

C.J. "kept" her job and a year later, the long anticipated fourth book in the Morgaine series was on the stands.

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So, whatcha think, hot shot?
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And I thot Leth was bad!

This is an out-take" from the Costume-design section of the Slide Show.

Obviously, Morgaine has a somewhat more... contemporary fashion sense than Vanye.



For ten long years, between Fires of Aezeroth and Exile's Gate, the on-going joke ... er ... question among readers with regard to Morgaine and Vanye was whether or not they ever, well, worked things out.

Early on, when I asked Carolyn this very same question (under the guise of "need to know for the graphic presentation of their relationship", she sort of grinned and said, "They keep trying but the phone keeps ringing."

This, naturally, set the theme for many subsequent cards.  They sent her this particular one right after she handed in the manuscript for Exile's Gate.

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Further note of possible interest: Early on, an early key to understanding Morgaine came when I jokingly commented I couldn't see how she kept her hands off Vanye.  Carolyn replied, "She's being very, very good and waiting for him to grow up."

(Extrapolation: he had to break free of his medieval mindset and accept her "power" as "technology" before her conscience could overcome the power differential between them.)


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The days of the active work on the graphic were over.  I was busily writing away on Groundties.  It was time for the kids to relax.  

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