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Gate of Ivrel Layouts

pg2lyout.jpg (46950 bytes) Morgaine has just offered himself a piece of venison ... cooked with the help of her little laser gun.  Well, himself, being a suspicious and superstitious sort, sets it aside, convinced it is now tainted/cursed.  Morgaine, who can hear his stomach rumbling all the way across the camp, tries to reason with him.

He gets obstinate, and she orders him, liyo to ilin.

pg3lyout.jpg (48323 bytes) Reluctantly, he eats it, but later gets her back, in his own, inimitable way, ilin-wise, by forming her bed using the extremely warm cloak she's loaned to him, who has nothing but a light shirt at this time.  It's his own way of reminding her of the ramifications of keeping their relationship "strictly business."

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