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Jane's Galaxy of GLGs
second floor:
C.J. Cherryh's Crew

Grant copyright 1997 J.S. Fancher

Grant ALX...oh, yeah.  Need I say more?
<You're kidding, right?>--->TW
I don't think so.  Most people have read Cyteen.
<And if they haven't?>
Does this picture really require an explanation?


Asdraikh copyright 1997 C.J. Cherryh


CJ's take on her goblin prince.from The Goblin Mirror.   The quintessential man in black.

Yummy, huh?
<If you like fangs and big ears.>--->TW



Julius ... as in Caesar

Another of CJ's sketches. For those who haven't read the Heroes in Hell series, at least get your hands on Legions in Hell.  That's CJ's solo piece---a collection of the short pieces she wrote for the anthologies plus additional material to make a complete and terrific novel.  She taught Latin and Ancient History for eleven years and her take on Julius and Niccolo (Machievelli) are well worth the price of admission.

<If you like hand grenades and poison...>

Julius copyright 1997 C. J. Cherryh


CyteenT copyright 1994 J. S. fancher

The Cyteen Crew

This is a T-shirt design I did for a convention.  Clockwise: Ari, Florian, Catlin, Jordan, the junior mafia (Ari, Florian and Catlin as kids), Justin and last but far from least, Grant.

<There you go with the redheads, again...>---TW


mondragon detail copyright 1997 J. S. Fancher

Thomas Mondragon

From Angel with a Sword.
<Talk about gifts falling from heaven...>--->TW
This is a detail from Guilt and Baroque...Again, a painting I did that was used as inserts for the CJ Cherryh filk tape.

Guilt and Baroque...Again

This shows a bit more of Mondragon, though it's still a worked over scan. It was the header for my first index. One of these days I'll get the whole painting scanned in.  It's just quite large and I've never gotten a decent picture.

Mondragon copyright 1997 J. S. Fancher

complete Guilt and Baroque...again

Well, six sections and lots of cutting and pasting later, I've got it in. I truly bit off more than I could chew on this one. Firebird Arts and Music wanted to do two Merovingian Filk tapes, one the raucous stuff, one the introspective stuff, and a cover for the songbook. I don't know whatever happened to the second tape or the songbook, but I got this silly notion to try to work all three "jobs" into one piece. Mondragon would be one tape, the background party would be the other, and the whole thing (probably reversed) would be the wraparound cover for the songbook.


Bet copyright 1997 C. J. Cherryh

Bet Yeager

From Rimrunners.  Truly one of the great female protagonists in the history of literature.  Another of CJ's sketches

NG Raimey

Bet's counterpart in Rimrunners.  A wonderfully charming nutcase.
<He 'n Stephie oughtta do lunch...>-->TW
I hate to tell you, Smith, I think they have.
Another of CJ's.  This one has something ... I've tried to catch it in a painting, and haven't yet managed.  I just love the intensity.

NG copyright 1997 C. J. Cherryh


FadedSunPlea copyright 1985 J. S. Fancher

Niun's Plea

Next to Cyteen, The Faded Sun Trilogy is my favorite of Carolyn's books.  This is one of the few truly finished illustrations I've done  based on Carolyn's work (outside of the Ivrel graphic) and I consider it one of my best pieces of inking.  It's a scene from Shon j'ir when Niun   confronts Melein.about Duncan's status.  The best news is, the Faded Sun is now available in an omnibus edition. 



Dubhain, sometimes charmingly wicked young man, other times, one of the world's most attitudinal horses. Faery in Shadow is one of Carolyn's most overlooked novels.  It's a well, but subtly, researched Celtic fantasy that is a sequel of sorts to her short story "Brothers."  The Caith/Dubhain duo is ... unique, to say the least. 
(Another of CJ's sketches.)

dubhain copyright 1997 C.J. Cherryh


Pyetr copyright 1997 C. J. Cherryh


Pyetr (left) and Sacha (right).  Obviously, Pyetr is from the Rusalka era and Sacha is from Yvgenie.  (-:
More of Carolyn's sketches.

sacha copyright 1997 C. J. Cherryh


shonaicover copyright 1991 J. S. Fancher This is a cover I did for the  Shon'ai newsletter. The yin/yang wave is the "Wave without a Shore", the faces in the waves are Pyetr and the Rusalka, Morgaine and Vanye are self-explanatory, and the face in the stars is Ariane Emory.  The original is acryic on masonite, about 8"x10".

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